2018 CooPad Laptop Cooling Pad

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  • Five powerful ultra-quiet LED fans to draw away heat and increase your laptop performance
  • No lag, no laptop unexpected shutdown while gaming
  • Extend laptop lifespan
  • Six adjustable height settings
  • Extra USB ports to plug in some of your devices

2018 CooPad Laptop Cooling Pad with Five LED Fans & Dual USB Ports

Whether you’re watching your favorite TV shows, play games or working, your laptop will certainly overheat at some point, and start running really slow. Stave it off with this best-selling laptop cooling pad that’s currently 40% OFF. But for limited time only.


Stay cool, stay comfortable, and stay productive. The 2018 CooPad Laptop Cooling Pad is the ideal solution for laptop owners looking to get the most out of their laptops. It boasts all the important features you need when playing games or working at a desk, including five powerful and ultra-quiet blue LED fans and metal mesh platform for excellent cooling performance, six adjustable height settings for superior comfort, and dual USB ports with data pass-through capability.

Superior Cooling Performance


Keep your laptop cool and running optimally with the CooPad Laptop Cooling Pad. Up to five ultra-quiet LED fans provide superior airflow while maintaining a noise-free environment. Its metal mesh surface helps increase airflow while pulling away excess heat from the bottom of your laptop.

Ergonomically Adjustable Height


The six adjustable height settings provide you with multiple typing and viewing positions. Lay back on your bed and type on an incline or sit upright on your desk and type all while remaining comfortable.

Dual USB Ports


The laptop cooling pad is powered by the USB port on your computer. It also comes equipped with an extra USB port, so you can connect other devices for data transfer capabilities.

One Size Fits All


The 2018 CooPad fits laptops up to 19-inch in size, providing ample space for even the largest of notebooks. Built-in front bumpers help secure your laptop in place and prevent unwanted sliding.

Lightweight and Portable Design


It’s also portable enough that you can bring it anywhere that you bring your laptop.

Brand: CooPad
Model: CooPad 1250 F5
Led color: Blue
Maximum support size: Up to 19-inch Laptop
Dimension: 15” x 11.65”
Fan Numbers: 5 LED Fans
USB: 2x USB port
2 x fan control switch

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7 reviews for 2018 CooPad Laptop Cooling Pad

  1. Judith
    5 out of 5


    Nice pad. It adjusts as the picture shows and has little stoppers to prevent the laptop from slipping off. The fans are quiet and there are two switches in the back that control the fans, so you don’t have to have all five going. Great value for the price. The last cooler I had finally died after having it for 5 years and I’m hoping I get the same life out of this one.

  2. Jeffrey R.
    5 out of 5


    This product works great. I like the option of being able to turn on just the 4 outside fans or just the middle or to have all on at same time. it’s relatively quiet, although I do notice it hum in the background as you would expect with any fan motor, my customers on the phone can’t hear it through the phone so I’m ok. I like this size so it’s compatible with all size computers. This product works as advertised, with no problems, and is actually more durable than I expected. Works great. I recommend this brand of product.

  3. Jason J. Richardson
    5 out of 5


    This thing is working great.
    It’s quiet.
    It kicks a pretty good breeze.
    I only use one at a time…there’s some buttons on the back, you can select all or only some of the fans.
    I alternate back & forth between the two so that I extend the life but half is more than enough to keep my beast of a laptop cool.
    I’m using a 17″ that heats up like hellhound when I’m running games & video, even with the three onboard fans.
    So this cooling pad does exactly what I need it to do and only using half its resources at a time

  4. Shannon M. W.
    5 out of 5


    This is the best cooling pad I’ve owned to date.I had one I really liked but it was plastic and broke.Even though part of this pad is plastic it’s built much better. The fan’s put out a lot of air.Iove the ability to adjust to different level’s this one has 6 different slot’s for adjustment.The construction is very good.I’m very happy with this cooling pad and would highly recommend

  5. Larry
    5 out of 5


    Best Cooling Pad for my MSI GE72 17.5′ laptop. This is the cooling pad I found with the most fans and this thing is a beast. Significant differences in Core Temps after turning the cooling pad on. Only complaint is that for example my msi’s CPU and Gpu are closer to the center to the top so it’s a bit above the center fan but I just lowered the pegs and have my laptop sitting a little lower on the cooling pad

  6. Ana Howell
    5 out of 5


    Bought this for my Mom. She loves it. It’s quiet while cooling, and allows for a variety of laptop viewing angles. She often uses her laptop on the sofa. She was very pleased that this unit is lightweight while feeling sturdy in her lap with the kickstand up. We like the usb ports being on the back of the cooler with a usb cord long enough to reach the side of her computer. We also like the stoppers that keep the laptop in place and prevent it from sliding off of the cooler. I was concerned that we would not like the blue led lights, but they do not create a viewing disturbance

  7. John Sle.
    4 out of 5


    This review comes after 10 days of using this Cooler Pad.

    As far as I can tell, when I turn on both buttons (activating all of the fans), this unit can cool my CPU and GPU .The adjustable and lockable angle is a nice feature when moving from surface to surface. The unit does not seem to affect power drain significantly, as I haven’t noticed a significant drop in battery life when I use the pad vs. when I’m not using the pad.

    The light is a nice aesthetic feature, not strong enough to illuminate much. That said, I do wish one of the buttons turned the light off

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